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As Canada’s largest airport by land mass, EIA is approximately 7,000 acres and comprises land sites available for lease to a mix of uses, including aviation, industrial/logistics, retail, office, recreation/entertainment and agricultural. Rosenau Transport will conveniently provide road shipping to any destination within western Canada within 24 hours, while proximity to the airport provides worldwide air access on demand. Our location has truly distinctive features not commonly found around industrial parks – full service amenities on site, which improves the overall environment and contributes to retention and satisfaction for your staff and visitors.

EIA is one of only two Canadian airports that have been labelled an “airport city”, which is an emerging form of urban development comprised of aviation-intensive businesses and related enterprises that are developed at, and immediately around, an airport. An airport city is development typically consists of entertainment uses, convention centers, retail amenities and hospitality uses along with logistics development and office buildings. Public transit options are another unique characteristic of EIA's airport city environment.


The EIA location is the newest strategic distribution location in the Edmonton region for the following reasons:

  1. Cluster of on-site amenities rarely seen in an industrial park including new commercial, retail, office, entertainment and hotel options to increase overall employee satisfaction and experience
  2. Lower land costs
  3. Lower real estate taxes
  4. Less traffic congestion and improved access to highways
  5. Connectivity to public transportation
  6. More responsive permitting timelines as the controlling authority are EIA and the County
  7. On-site emergency response including dedicated fire rescue and dedicated police patrols
  8. Land is zoned, serviced and immediately ready for development
  9. Shipping facilitation through EIA thanks to Foreign Trade Zone benefits
  10. Part of a growing and vibrant community, building an airport city for today and the future​